Technical Data Management System (TDMS)

Tina5s is a Technical Data Management System (TDMS) that consistently and effectively acquires and manages engineering data to support decisions over the program and asset life cycle.

Tina5s standardizes processes ensuring that a Program Office’s engineering data requirements comply with the Program’s sustainment strategy for attaining the necessary engineering data to support the following over the asset/program life cycle:

  • Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness (OSS&E)
  • Certifications (e.g., Airworthiness and Cyber Security)
  • Intellectual Property Strategy (IPS)
  • Logistics Supportability
  • Competition (re-procurement packages)

Building on TINA’s common feature foundation (search, version/revision control, access control, etc), the following TDM specific features provide users with the capability to manage and control technical data (i.e. documents and records that are electronic files) over the full document lifecycle:

  • Content search
  • File sync
  • Document branching and merging
  • Controlled file sharing
  • Controlled document distribution
  • Transmittal management
  • Submittal management
  • Document and drawing templates
  • Word Document field mapping
  • AutoCAD integration
  • Mobility