Connect & Unify Project Teams and Information

Even the smallest projects need multiple companies to come together to design and build great things.

The trouble is, everyone's using different file management systems to manage and control project information like engineering drawings, procedures, vendor data sheets, schedules and more. It's highly unlikely that everyone is using the same file management system - and this creates BIG barriers to collaboration and information sharing.

Until now.

Tina5s can unobtrusively connect to other file management solutions (i.e. SharePoint, Box, DropBox and more) providing you with real time insight into what's going on with files in other systems. This means that files will continue to be managed and controlled in other systems, but they may be found, accessed and monitored using Tina5s.

Structure and Organize Engineering & Construction Information

A single engineering drawing or specification can be used in multiple areas of a construction site.

If you're relying on file folders to structure and organize you files, you'll likely create multiple copies of the same drawing file and park each in construction site specific hierarchy of folders. Having multiple copies of a drawing in different folders is not ideal - if a new release of the drawing is delivered, finding and replacing all copies made can be a challenge. If you miss one, the inadvertent use of a stale drawing on a construction site can blow up your project schedule and budget.  

With Tina5s, you'll only have a SINGLE file in the system. You can link it to unlimited hierarchies created and maintained by you and your colleagues. You can quickly see which hierarchies reference the file and when a new version is released, ALL hierarchies are automatically updated to reflect the latest version (and everyone is automatically notified).

Monitor Engineering, Construction & Vendor Information Authoring Progress

Whether an AutoCAD drawing, a specification or a work package, monitoring progress as file content is being authored on its journey to 'Released IFC' typically requires a comfortable pair of shoes, a clip board and pen and lots of conversations. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Tina5s provides you with a live, infinitely configurable dashboard driven by the file hierarchies you create and control. Why not monitor file progress in real time and keep your project out of the ditch?

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Ready

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has gained a lot of traction with Heavy Industry in recent years. At the core of AWP area specific Engineering, Construction and discipline oriented Installation Work Packages (EWPs, CWPs and IWPs) are created (these are planning themed documents) that reference many other files such as drawings, specifications, Inspection & Test Plans and many more.

Tina5s has the attributes that make it ideally suited for small to large Heavy Industrial projects that have embraced the AWP philosophy:

  • Low Friction - Cost effective cloud based solution that can be implemented and scaled quickly
  • Augments Existing Systems - Connects to (but need not displace) other file management solutions in the project
  • File agnostic - Any file of any type can be loaded into the system
  • Structure and Monitor - Easily create file collections under Work Packages that drive living dashboards

Productive, Predictable, Aligned

Tina5s drives the productivity of Heavy Industrial projects by reducing file sprawl and associated search times which has secondary benefits of improved availability and reuse of files and information in the system. Project managers and controllers will be able to assess content development and true work package progress in real time so they can take proactive early actions making projects more predictable. And because information delivery predictability is improved, incidences of 'surprise' late deliverables are reduced improving alignment at the work face. This will always have a positive impact on total-installed-costs and time-to-revenue spans.

Streamline Turnover Package Development

Tina5s is equally at home supporting the development of engineering content (check out our AutoCAD integration features) or the collection and organization of construction records such as Redline drawings and inspection or test records. Once the project is complete, all information can be quickly exported retaining its structure and organization streamlining the creation of Turnover Packages. 

Information Organized and Available for Operations & Maintenance

Tina5s delivers value across the full lifecycle of the asset - from FEED through to retirement.

Once the project is complete, continue to use Tina5s during the Operations & Maintenance phase of the asset lifecycle, or leverage Tina5s' API suite to export all information from Tina for import into your legacy system. 

Full Control

Tina5s has the feature chops to deliver full control to your project team:
  • Project Control - Your project control team will appreciate Tina5s' ability to monitor progress and manage risks in real time 
  • Author Control - Everyone who authors information (Engineers, Designers, Drafters, Work Face Planners, QA, Contracts, etc) has all the features they need to control the  authoring process. This includes lock, version control, revision threading, Sync and lots more
  • Document Control - Your document control team will appreciate Tina5s' features like intelligent numbering, transmittal-submittal-RFI management, squad checks, bulk actions and more 

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