Records, Documents and Drawings All in One Place!

Word, PDF, Excel or AutoCAD files all contain a diverse range of municipal content such as:

  • Council meeting minutes
  • Bylaws (or ordinances)
  • Infrastructure design information

Some are managed as records and some are managed as documents (drawings can be either and have their own unique management challenges).

Whether, records, documents or drawings, Tina5s has the chops to manage and control municipal content all in one place. This means that municipalities don't have to buy 3 different software solutions.

Municipal Records: Managed

Tina5s provides municipal records management professionals with the essential capabilities they need: 

  • Create record collections
  • Create, assign, edit (extend or freeze) and delete retention schedules
  • Create time and event (or time-event) based dispositions
  • Assign and/or transfer authorities (including destruction) to others

Tina5s provides municipal workers with everything they need to organize, protect and quickly retrieve operationally critical records. Tina5s also helps ensure compliance with legal and regulatory record keeping requirements - no fines, no penalties!

Municipal Documents: Controlled

Tina5s manages and controls municipal documents over the full document life cycle (i.e. until they are archived and become records) via these three main pillars:

  • Search - Tina5s has deep search capabilities designed to help municipal workers find what they need fast (click here for more information)
  • Version/Revision Control - Tina5s maintains a complete version AND revision history for all municipal documents. This level of control provides municipal workers with automated control and insights as a document is updated and released many times on its journey to archival (click here for more information)
  • Access Control - Tina5s is used in the Defence sector which has driven us to take access control to a whole new level (click here for more information)

These are just the pillars - check out this 3 part blog that flushes out what we mean by document management and control.

In addition to what should be standard management and control features, some of your municipal workers will benefit from advanced control features like transmittal and submittal management, intelligent metadata driven numbering and template control.

When using Tina5s, the benefits to municipal workers are clear: improved productivity, predictability, collaboration and control. 

Municipal Drawings: Organized and Available

Tina5s extends its full capabilities (and more) to AutoCAD files. This means that municipal drafters can use the same system used by their fellow municipal workers who manage and control 'routine' records and documents. Your drafters and engineers will appreciate Tina5s' ability to Parent & Xref relationship management capabilities, Title Block Integration and tightly coupled DWG-PDF management features.

The Municipal Knowledge Network (MKN) - Join Now (it's FREE)!

Tina5s hosts the Municipal Knowledge Network (MKN) - a FREE database where municipal workers can research and find over 100,000 policies, procedures, bylaws, ordinances (and more!) being used by municipalities across North America.

Whether its a new-to-you, form, bylaw or ordinance, creating a brand new municipal document from scratch is a pain. And chances are really good that dozens of municipalities in the MKN have already completed what you haven't yet started.

Check out this 90 second video for more information:

We built the MKN so you don’t have to start with a clean sheet and reinvent the wheel. By joining, you’ll save time and create higher quality new-to-you municipal documents.

To get your free account, get in touch and we'll get you all setup.

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