Free - 30 Day Trial

During your Tina5s free trial period, you get:

$39 per User/Month (First 25 Users)

Tina5s costs only $39 per user/month for each active user account and you can activate or de-activate user accounts anytime as your project demands ebb and flow.

Knowing that Tina5s costs less than $2 per day for each user, check out this blog on calculating the return-on-investment for project control & document control software.

Got more than 25 Users? Contact us to explore volume discounts.

Pro-Onboarding Support

Some like to figure this out on their own and some prefer to get some help along the way. Every business is different - contact us and we’ll work with you to figure out the quickest, most affordable way for you to get the most out of Tina5s.